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We will start with a brief introduction of the geographical and cultural origin of this music and a demonstration of some of its rhythms, which includes Bunde,  Currulao, Rumba, and Juga amongst others. We will embark on a unique musical journey through the instruments used in the villages of the rural Pacific Coast of Colombia. These traditional instruments include the Marimba de Chonta, the Cununos and Bombos, the Guasá and the Voices. We will show you how the alluring sounds of each instrument create a beautiful polyrhythmic texture when played together. No musical experience is required as we will explore these rhythms in a fun and accessible collective dynamic. Before long you’ll be playing and singing traditional songs with us!

As a complement to this musical experience, we will explore the beautiful beaches and landscapes of the Pacific Colombian Coast, you will taste the sweet earthiness of the viche, a local sugar cane liquor and also we will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the flavors of the coast prepared by the expert hands of a chef form the region. Come to with us to this unique multi-sensory experience!

Welcome to Marimbea, we design amazing experiences to spread the musical culture of the Pacific Coast of Colombia.

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